Pia Mingyue

ist eine Illustratorin und Animator aus Germany

Pia is a German-based illustrator and 3D animator, who studies at Kunsthochschuhle Kassel majoring in Illustration and Animation.
In 2020 she is shortlisted in the New Talent Advertising category and Children Produkt category for the WorldillustrationAwards presented by The AOI in Partnership with Dirllustration.

(Sie ist in der engeren Auswahl für die Worldillustration-Awards2020 in den Kategorien „New Talent Advertising“ und „Children Product“.)

As a freelance commercial illustrator, Graphic designer and branding developer, her work ranges from products and illustrations for children, Social media graphics, specializing with fresh ideas and analytical skills in fashion and social media market that seeking breakthroughs among young consumers. 



Zhejiang University

​Tranditional Museum CHINA




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