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I'm sure many of you, like me, enjoyed going to aquariums and animal parks as children where we could see the different creatures that live with us on earth.

To my surprise that many animal parks and aquariums always have information boxes where visitors can also read about the number of animal species on earth. More and more animals are being marked as endangered or even threatened with extinction.

Nowadays, more companies and organizations pay attention to environmental protection and recycling. Nevertheless, we need more attention, as well as effective measures and actions. That's why I decided to create an animated film to make more people, especially children, aware of our ecological problems.

seagull and crisp packet.jpg


The story takes place on a beautiful beach where people enjoy their free time. On the other side of the beach, a little sea turtle is being born from an egg. In anticipation of the ocean, the newborn didn't even notice that two starving seagulls were chasing it along the way. So the way to the sea becomes an adventure full of obstacles that it has to overcome. Can it survive and reach the ocean successfully?

Characetr design

Here you can see the character design of our baby turtle. Which makes a 0 to 1 year old cute, small and innocent newborn personable.
For the appearance of the seagull, I oriented myself to the shape of plastic water bottles, the sarcastic shapes refer to their unnoticed garbage life.


So far I've already completed a few styleframes. The high-saturation, colorful beaches under human consumption. More than thousands of different products with colored packaging. Where do the products end up when we no longer need or want them? We just throw them away, it's like they never existed. But these products end up being all junk and a hurdle that threatens the animal's survival.
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