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Fashion Womenshoes SHEME

Branding 2020


Our goal is to develop the luxury brand to communicate that shoes are no longer an auxiliary role for Women's dressing under feet, instead, they are the main dress of women...Shoes from Sheme represent a woman's sophistication and good taste. About life's attitude, achievements, or even legacy.

Sheme, as a Luxury fashion womenshoes-brands have long collaborated with chinese tranditional cultur.  We are determined to developing a more diversified brand image!which allowssheme to be perceived as more luxurious

We post the work on social media(Facebook, Instagram). believing that Scheme association with Creative Illustration allows its brands to be perceived as more luxurious still keep their Identity.

Cultural backgrounds: As the first Chinese luxury brand for women's shoes, Scheme adapts traditional Italian handmade techniques together with the original design, to create pieces accurately dedicated to enhancing women’s beauty with maximum comfort, achieving the unique art of shoes

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