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Ideal Dating with Condoms

Creation, writen, direction: Pia Sun

In today's ever-changing sexual landscape, people can find sex-partners much easier than ever before with the development of social media. Across all STIs, the highest rates of diagnoses are seen in 16 to 24 year olds*. For example, 59% of people who got chlamydia or gonorrhea in 2016 were in this age range.Condoms** are the only effective method of preventing the spread of STIs. 
Emoji, one of the most popular Social language as the major elements would be the best decision in Animation ! With the combination of different emojis, this animation developed various possible conditions of sex, including: Sex in car, Homosex, spread Durex's fresh Brand culture for all sexual orientation and support for safety in this way.
Wanna ideal dating ? - then with Condomsssss


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